Monday, July 23, 2012

B's FIRST Haircut

My baby girl had her first haircut last Friday....yes, she is four....yes, I said her FIRST haircut!!  And we decided to donated to Locks of Love...well that was the plan!!  Here's the story: :D

So here she is...all ready to donate....but mommy got cold feet!!  It would have made her hair SO SHORT.  And I just wasn't ready for that.

So we took the rubber band out and decided to just get it cut to past her shoulders.  Cute!  Look at ALL.THAT.HAIR!!

Gaga and Grandpa (and Aidan) came with us for the big event!!

Well, after a while the hair dresser told me that we could still donate and it wouldn't be as short as we expected!!!  Yay!  AND I got to keep a few little curls for her baby book!!  So we went for it!


Be still my heart....4 years of growth simply gone!!  I would have cried {like Gaga did} had I not already cried on numerous occasions preparing for this day. :(

So short...but pretty darn cute!!

All done!!  She looks like such a big girl!  And I know...she is, HOWEVER she IS my BABY girl!!

I'm so very proud of you sweet B!!  You look precious AND you were so generous to donate your hair to Locks of Love!!  LOVE YOU.....BIG!!! :))

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