Monday, July 9, 2012

Kids Who Care Camp...PERFORMANCE Day!!

So we have finally made it to the BIG DAY!!  Unfortunately you can't take pictures of the actual you will have to just settle for my unprofessional pics!!! :D

Waiting for the doors to open....everyone was really excited!!  Thank you Grandma, Grandpa and Linda for coming to see the kidlets perform!!

After they performed we were able to go backstage and pick them well as take as many pictures as we wanted!!  Teehee!  Breslyn was on the purple are two of her leaders- Nick and Claire!!

And Finn was on the Pink team.  His two leaders- Lauren and Donny!  Donny was so sweet to does my heart good knowing they are well taken care of when they are at camp!

Here they are showing all their LOOT!!  So sweet that their leaders give them little presents!!

Does B look a little worn out?!  Ha!  After all that spinning and jumping and singing, she turned into a HOT MESS!! 

Finn showing Memaw his goodies!!

And again...a SUPER SPECIAL thank you to Gaga for her generosity and paying for the kids to go!!  Love you Gaga!!

And....Deborah Jung, founder and director of KWC, was sweet enough to squat for a pic with B!!!!  So exciting! :)

Well, that just about sums up their week at Kids Who Care Camp!!  They had a blast, and I'm so happy that had such a wonderful experience!!

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  1. SO cool! Can we please have one for adults? I'll sign up!