Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm Ready...95 days...

...till I start decorating for CHRISTmas!!!  Maybe it's the stinking heat, suppressing summer or the fact that I'm ready to look at PRETTINESS all the time...but I am READY to whip out those CHRISTmas decorations!!  And I hope to make a few new things this year!  Each year during the first week of December I decorate for CHRISTmas...then I feel like I am taking them right back down!!  So to avoid that "feeling" again this year I am putting them up WAY early.  I've decided to decorate for Fall mid-September and start my CHRISTmas decorating November 1st!  I think that makes sense!!  :))  So here are a few projects I want to tackle....

{this project is TOTALLY possible...I have the crate, I can find the logs...easy peasy!}

{well...what can I say?  We have 6 people in this house and this would be ideal!!  I happen to have a curtain rod no excuses!}

{had such big plans to make this last year and didn't...but really it's an easy one, so I know we can do it!  Such a fun family project!!}

{I would have to really be on the ball to get current winter-ish pics for each stocking.}

{LOVED this the first time I saw it.  WANTED to make it last year.  NEED to have it this year!!}

{Can't forget a wreath!!  I'm slightly obsessed with wreaths...oh, I lurve this one!!}

And now for a little reminder of my decorations from last year....


Are you dreaming of a White CHRISTmas yet? ;)  And don't worry I've got some cute Fall things planned as well...I haven't forgotten that wonderful time of year!!  I will share a post on that later!!  :)


  1. I'm dreaming of Christmas because it means cooler weather. It's supposed to be 107 tomorrow.

  2. I just threw up a little in my mouth. Please come do my house.