Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Fears Then and Now

Do you remember where you were on 9/11?  A question asked terribly often.  And yes, I do remember where I was...but where I was and what I was doing isn't the point of this particular post.

I was pregnant with my first child Aidan.  I was pregnant, scared and feeling...honestly...hopeless.

Was I actually bringing a baby, my baby, into a world where evil was running rampant?  I mean a horrible, atrocious, malicious, loathsome, revolting act had been played out in our great country.  Back then I couldn't understand it.  And worst of all...for a split second...maybe longer...wished I wasn't bringing an innocent baby into this "GOD-FORSAKEN" world.  I only struggled a short time with this question because I felt solace in the fact that God was still here...He IS still in this destructive world.  No matter the circumstances of this world the Lord will be my protector, my guide.

And here we are...11 long years later.  The sad truth is the world has not gotten ANY better.  In fact the truth is the world has only gotten worse...and it won't get any better.  That is the honest truth...

If you ask many biblical scholars we are in the "End Times"...when Jesus will return.  I have read with my own eyes and heard with my own ears what the world is turning into...a "GODLESS" entity.  We are shoving Him out of school, work, friendships and even churches.  We are trying to make a world that indulges in TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE.  That is not what God called us to do....we are to make and grow disciples.  We are to stand up for what is biblically AND morally right.

My heart is so heavy for this world....I worry about my kids growing up in a place that encourages abortions, welcomes homosexual "marriages", blurts out foul language at the drop of a hat (as early as age 5, I might add), where children wear shirts that have the logo "LMFAO" on them....and so much more.

Yes, this IS a deep and heavy post.  But it was also one I have been holding onto for a while.  I am speaking truth...but there is more to the story...

As I realized 11 years ago the LORD is MIGHTY to save.  He is omniscient.  He is POWERFUL.  He is LOVING, GENTLE and KIND.  His WAYS are greater than my own....and in those times I don't understand why He could allow 9/11 to happen I know I cannot lean on my own understanding, but HIS alone.  It took the death of 3,000+ people for so many more to come to know Him, to seek Him out and to accept His love and salvation.  I pray it won't take drastic measures like that again..EVER.  But I pray we seek him always...in good times and bad....difficult and easy....when we are found and when we are lost.

Thank you God for being my respite...from the sin and shame of this world...when I want to run and hide and never let my children out into this nasty world...thank you for showing me your love and the goodness that is still left.  We praise and honor your Holy name...JESUS.   

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