Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!

I knew this day would come, but I prayed it wouldn't be here so soon...

My oldest son, Aidan, lied to us.  No, I don't expect that this is the first time.  But it is the first time that counts!!  A SUPER long story short as short as I can make it....

A few weeks ago we found out Aidan burned his retina's looking at the sun back during the solar eclipse in May (I think!).  It was upsetting, but the doc suggested he take eye hasn't been tested to fix this problem, but we were going to try it.  My dad bought the meds, Aidan took the meds.  Well, this past week we discovered he had been lying about taking his medication!!!

This momma was floored.  I was so sad...disappointed.  I told him that when I tell people about him I say that he is "a big helper, smart, trustworthy and he always tells the truth"...those are my exact words.  I told him now I cannot say that anymore.  It breaks my heart that I cannot trust him now.  He will have to earn back my trust.  I love him so VERY much.  I know this type of sin will only get worse as he becomes a teenager.  I lied, I lie...but thank the Good LORD, the Holy Spirit convicts me when I do.  I pray that now that Aidan has accepted Jesus into his heart that the Holy Spirit will move his heart as well.

He lost MANY privileges over this little bout of lying, but we knew he needed to do more to learn how God views lying....

So we decided to have him write down EVERY single verse in the Bible that talked about lying.  It had to be legible.  He wasn't thrilled about it, but he didn't fight us either.  I believe it made a difference....I pray it made a difference.

But in case you were wondering, Aidan's eyes were checked a few weeks after the initial appointment and his retina's weren't burned!!!  Yay...he does however have floaters...little black spots roaming around those pretty eyeballs.  And we have continued to make him "take" his pills...without success, but hey, we are doing our best!!  :D

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