Saturday, September 15, 2012

Farm House Treasure Revamp

I'm so excited to share my most recent project!  While on vacation this year my grandma (or mom, I can't remember right now) picked up this AMAZING treasure for me!!  It is an old wooden frame that hung in my Grandma's farm house when she was a little girl!!! It belonged to my great grandparents!!  I was in love...I love old...vintage...but I ESPECIALLY love finding out that it belonged to my family!!!!  It has seen better's a bit rickety, kind of fragile...but so special to me!  So here she is in all her glory:

A close up of my favorite part...look at the detail!  Simply lovely....

Worn and chippy...

And now the revamp process begins!!  I laid it out on hand writing paper...cause that's how I roll...whatever is cheap and easy.  

And I just thought it was so cool that it still had all the old hardware!  So I snapped a picture of it!

And I painted it...yes, favorite color EVER!!  I wonder if I will always love this color.  Hmm?  

And here she is!!!  So fresh, blue, funky, clean...perfect!!  

And again...a close-up of my FAVORITE part...the swirls and stuff!!  Probably my favorite picture too!!

And now hung up in her new home!  I won't tell you what was hanging here first...well, maybe I will!!  It was a beautiful cross wreath, but it was covered in way too many layers of dust!!  Embarrassing!!!  But it is hanging pretty high...too high for my swiffer duster!!  Teehee!

I just love it...SO.VERY.MUCH!!  ;)  I'm so glad my family brought this to me, I can't express how much it means to have it hanging in my house!  

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  1. So awesome. The story makes the piece, but the color adds quite a bit!