Friday, September 7, 2012

Ballerina Breslyn

 So I was reminded by my bestie last night that I have not posted about  Breslyn's dance recital from back in June!!  Bad momma!  So...I'm warning you there are lots of pics coming!  

{We were not allowed to take pictures during the actual performance, so the majority of these pictures were from rehearsal. Enjoy!}

They had to stay covered up in front of people...the company didn't want the "costume" seen before showtime!!

Oh, my beautiful baby girl and her long hair...I admit I miss it...not the tangles, but fixing it in different ways, and those gorgeous curls.  I can't wait for her hair to grow out again! ;)

First up...ballet.  They danced to Carrie Underwood's "So Small"...I had a hard time taking pictures because I was crying so much.  She was beautiful!

Favorite picture here!!  And at this point I was absolutely bawling!!  So precious!!

Quick wardrobe change and on to tap!!  They danced to "We've Got the Beat"...and they were so cute!

Then it was time for the finale!  Each group just ran in front of the stage, danced for a few seconds and moved back for the next group.  She had a great time up there with the big kids!

These pictures were taken the day of the actual performance.  Here are the wonderful family and friends that were able to come see her!!  She was thrilled to have so many people cheering her on!!

Memaw and Papaw!!

Gaga and Grandpa!!


Aunt Juju and Faith!!

Mommy and B!!  I was so proud of my big girl!!  She did an awesome job, and we can't wait till next year to do it all over again!!  Love you B. Claire!!

Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. Holy crap, she's adorable. Will you do my makeup sometime? [I assume you did hers.]

  2. LOVE HER!! great post of pics! you're fast!