Sunday, September 2, 2012

Open House

Just a couple of pictures of my sweet family on Open House this past Thursday.....

I see this picture of my baby girl and although it makes me smile at that amount of sassiness, I am just sad that she is growing up so FAST!!  My heart is actually hurting.  I know I can't focus on that for the next year, I MUST enjoy every single moment.  Oh my goodness, I just LOVE HER!!

And then there is this cAraZy boy!!  Goodness he is a hoot!!  My BABY is going to be in the 2's this year...I can't believe how fast he is growing!  I cannot imagine my life without this little rugrat by my side.

And here we are...Mommy (the 3's classroom), Breslyn (the 4's classroom) and Owen (the 2's classroom)!

And BIG happy family!  What a buncha goofballs!!  But I LURVE THEM lots!!

Hope you are enjoying a lazy day...getting ready to enjoy Labor Day!! :)

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