Monday, September 17, 2012

Random I set my alarm for 6am every weekday so that I can get MYSELF up and get MYSELF ready.  Then I wake the kids up at 7am and we proceed with our morning...making breakfasts, making lunches, getting them dressed, stopping the arguments, etc.

Well, that is the plan....but since the beginning of summer Owen has been coming into our room at approximately 5:45am.  Ugh!  I mean, really?!  He slept in 2 times this summer...yes TWO!!  That is it...since it only happened twice they are very memorable!!  Ha!

But what really irritates me is I am already getting up so stinking early so I can focus on myself so that I can COMPLETELY focus on them at 7...I REFUSE to get up an earlier!!  So that's it...just complaining about a problem I can't fix!  Hahaha!!

Finn has started taking gymnastics!  He is super excited, and I think he will be AWESOME at it!  Last week was his first time...I wish I could say how he did...but all the other excited parents were blocking the only tiny window that looks in to the ginormous gym.  This week I might just have to elbow a few of them to get a glimpse of my own personal Danell Leyva (he was the 2012 Olympian that carried around his "lucky" towel...and had his crazy, funny dad by his side all the time)!!

I am co-hosting a shower this Saturday for a super sweet and very deserving couple.  They have struggled through many miscarriages and losses and now they are adopting a baby boy.  He is due NEXT MONDAY!!!  We are hoping he doesn't make his arrival until at least Sat night!!  ha!  I've been working hard on decorations...a wreath, a pennant banner, a rag banner.  I hope it all turns out okay...we are having it  at our preacher's house.  I've never been there so it has been kind of hard to plan everything out!  Oh well, I'm sure all will be fine!  I am planning on taking lots of pictures.  :)

I've been on blood pressure meds for  3 weeks.  I'm trying to decide if it is making my pressure too low though.  Some days I can barely keep my eyes open and I get all lightheaded when I stand.  Guess I should call the doctor!!  Ha!

I'm LOVING the AMAZINGLY cooler weather here in Fort Worth!!  It's such a WONDERFUL break from 110!!

Well, I think that's all the randomness I've got for now!!  Have a GREAT Monday friends!

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