Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bye Bye Babies

It has been an EXHAUSTING week, but it didn't seem to be all that long (because I've been so busy)!!  So here are the pics from the first day of school on Monday!!  My sweet boogers all ready for school!!

I made them stand still so I could get a picture of both their backpacks!!  Breslyn will need a UT backpack next they can all match!!!  {sniff, sniff, B is never going to Kinder...I will DIE!!}

At this point they were pretty nervous, but still willing to take pics for dear old mom!! Ha!

There they big to school.  I was perfectly fine...till I got home, then I might have cried a few tears.  Maybe a lot of tears...but who knows?  Only me!!

They're back!  They're back!!  We waited A LONG TIME at the bus stop!!  The bus was almost 30 minutes late dropping them off!!!  And we were SWEATING out in the Texas desert heat!!!  ha!  Can you tell B was EXCITED to see this picture of her running to give big hugs!!

These two missed each other a LOT!  When Owen woke up from his nap he wandered around the house searching and calling out "Nini?" (his version of Finley) was precious!!!

I'm proud of my boys...they handled the first week of school with smiles every day!!  Unfortunately like EVERY stinkin year, Aidan is already sick the first week of school!  Last year during this time he had a migraine, strep throat and the flu!!  This year isn't as bad...Tuesday morn he woke with a sore throat and slight fever.  Last night (Friday) he was up all night pooping and puking!!  Sweet Daddy got up with him during it, and AWESOME mommy took care of the disGUSTING bathroom this morning!  Yuck!

One week down...whohoo!!!

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